About Me

Roee Kalinsky

Electrical Engineer
d.b.a. Porcupine Technology LLC

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I’m an electrical engineer with a broad background that includes FPGA, ASIC, board-level hardware, software, and systems design.  My primary focus in recent years has been in FPGA development and FPGA-centric system design.

As the capabilities of FPGA devices continue to grow, so does the complexity of the designs that target them.  And with that comes an increasing need for a high level of skill, knowledge, experience, and robust methodology to make these designs successful.  I take pride in meeting this challenge.

I continually strive to gain new insights and develop innovative techniques and best practices that produce high-quality, reliable, efficient, and maintainable/reusable designs for my clients.  I believe that this approach sets me apart and the results speak for themselves.

In terms of specific technologies, I’ve worked extensively with Xilinx and Altera FPGA’s, and am intimately familiar with their device architectures and development tools.  Furthermore, many of the designs I’ve developed have been in the areas of wireless communications, high-speed networking, and digital video, and so I’ve attained considerable expertise in these technology areas as well.  I’ve also worked on numerous other products and technologies (please see my resume), and am a quick learner who enjoys new challenges.

My role on a project can vary from working completely independently to being an integral part of the client’s team.  I often serve in a leadership role as system architect and/or tech lead, as well as individual contributor, depending on project needs. Located in sunny San Diego, California, I’ve been working in the design services industry since 1997, and as an independent contractor since 2001.

I always strive for excellence, and I believe that I bring a very high value to my clients. If your project could benefit from my services, please contact me.