Roee Kalinsky

Electrical Engineer, Independent Contractor
Specializing in FPGA, ASIC, and Embedded Systems Design

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It has been my pleasure to have worked with Roee on many successful projects over the past 15 years. Roee is an excellent ASIC/FPGA designer and system architect. He has an incredible ability to deal with complex systems and is a visionary problem solver. He has a positive attitude and is an inspiration to others. I always look forward to the next time we can work together.

John Nichols
Senior Hardware Engineer
Serrano Systems, Inc.

Without reservation, I recommend Roee Kalinsky as a great engineer who would be an asset to any team. He is highly intelligent, creative, and conscientious, delivering excellent results with predictable schedules. As an architect, he designs systems that are both elegant and practical. His implementations are well-executed and well-documented.

I’ve worked with Roee on multiple year-long projects. His attention to detail and quirk-free interfaces made it a pleasure to develop software for his FPGA designs. I’d be happy to work with him again any time.

Bonnie Packert
Software Development Consultant
HyperLogic Corporation

Over the past several years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Roee on challenging wireless communications projects. He architected beautiful, flexible designs that brought our algorithms to life. His veracity, discipline and intellect took our projects to new levels. Roee digs into a problem, digests and parses the complexities, and leverages his vast knowledge and experience to define and solve difficult tasks. Roee is truly an inspirational guy, and his energy lifts those around him.

Besides all these invaluable traits, he is a fun guy to work with! Whether holed up coding in a funky coffice in North Park, or dreaming up new algorithms and architectures over falafel in Tel Aviv: it is always an adventure working with Roee. And I look forward to our next project working together!

Steve Thompson, PhD
Senior Engineer
Acorn Technologies